improving the adsorption ability of graphene sheets to

Phys. Rev. B 82, 033414 (2010)

2010/7/30The adsorption of alkali metals (AMs) on single layer graphene is studied using first principles methods. We observe a common trend in the binding distance, the charge transfer, and the work function $(W)$ at certain coverage of AMs with increase in the proportion $ensuremath{rho}$ (adatom/C atom) of the graphene covered by the AM. A dip in these properties occurs at


Graphene-based nanostructures and nanomaterials have been widely used for the applications in materials science, biomedicine, tissue engineering, sensors, energy, catalysis, and environmental science due to their unique physical, chemical, and electronic properties. Compared to two-dimensional (2D) graphene materials, three-dimensional (3D) graphene-based hybrid materials (GBHMs)

Adsorption of CO molecules on doped graphene: A first

2016/2/17Most of the previous work focused on pristine graphene, and predicted relatively low adsorption energies in comparison with the essential requirement of gas sensing applications. 10–12 10.O Leenaerts, B Partoens, and F M Peeters, " Adsorption of H 2 O, NH 3, CO, NO 2, and NO on graphene: A first-principles study," Physical Review B 77(12), 125416 (2008).

Correlation between the adsorption ability and reduction

2014/4/1Graphene has strong adsorption affinity for aromatic compounds due to their π-electron-rich property and flat conformation. It can interact with aromatic compounds through the π-electron-coupling ability. Compared to graphene, GO contains much less π

Graphene in Energy Storage

Graphene has been looked at as an alternative to the current materials used in storing ions on the electrodes of supercapacitors. The reason for this is that you want a material that has a big surface area. The greater the surface area the more ions can be stored

Acceleration of Electrochemical CO2 Reduction to Formate

2021/3/2Electrochemical CO 2 reduction is a key technology to recycle CO 2 as a renewable resource, but adsorbing CO 2 on the catalyst surface is challenging. We explored the effects of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) in Sn/rGO composites and found that the CO 2 adsorption ability of Sn/rGO was almost 4-times higher than that of bare Sn catalysts.

Preparation of reduced graphene oxide/montmorillonite

2020/9/13Meanwhile, the porous frame structure of graphene hydrogel can make MMT sheets disperse homogenously, thus improving the surface area and adsorption capacity of MMT. The rGO–MMT composite hydrogel displays the excellent adsorption property due to the synergistic adsorption for both the heavy metal and organic pollutants.

Aggregation of Graphene Oxide in Natural Waters: Role of

Graphene Oxide-Cellulose Composite for the Adsorption of Uranium(VI) from Dilute Aqueous Solutions Journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste December 2017 Transport of Single-Layered Graphene Oxide Nanosheets through Quartz and Iron Oxide–Coated Sand Columns

Graphene sponge for efficient and repeatable adsorption

Here, we developed a new material, graphene sponge (GS), for water treatment, which was assembled with graphene oxide sheets by hydrothermal treatment with the assistance of thiourea. These GSs show a tunable pore structure and surface properties, and are mechanically strong.

Study on adsorption and desorption of ammonia on

2015/9/16The adsorption energy was 528–644 meV which was much larger than that of NH 3 and H 2 O adsorbed in graphene sheets, and a huge charge transfer (0.19–0.54 e) from NH 4 to graphene proved that physisorbed NH 4 acted as a stronger donor for the basal 4 4

A new way to make sheets of graphene

2014/5/23Now it's a matter of improving the attributes needed to produce a high-performance graphene coating." Christos Dimitrakopoulos, a professor of chemical engineering at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst who was not involved in this work, says, "This is a very significant piece of work for very large-area applications of graphene on insulating substrates."

Adsorption of CO molecules on doped graphene: A first

2016/2/17Most of the previous work focused on pristine graphene, and predicted relatively low adsorption energies in comparison with the essential requirement of gas sensing applications. 10–12 10.O Leenaerts, B Partoens, and F M Peeters, " Adsorption of H 2 O, NH 3, CO, NO 2, and NO on graphene: A first-principles study," Physical Review B 77(12), 125416 (2008).


2019/12/26Atomic-scale intercalation of graphene layers into MoSe2 nanoflowers-sheets as a highly efficient catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction. Xiao D, Huang C, Luo Y, Tang K, Ruan Q, Wang G, Chu PK. MoSe2 is an efficient catalyst for the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) and can potentially replace conventional catalysts composed of noble metals such as Pt.

The Thinnest Molecular Separation Sheet by Graphene

Graphene is possibly the thinnest membrane that could be used as a molecular separation gate. Several techniques including absorption, cryogenic distillation, adsorption, and membrane separation have been adopted for constructing separation systems. Molecular separation using graphene as the membrane has been studied because large area synthesis of graphene is possible by chemical vapor

Journal of Applied Chemical Research, 1 Study on Sunitinib Adsorption on Graphene Surface

Karaj branch Journal of Applied Chemical Research, 12, 1, 79-91 (20187) Study on Sunitinib Adsorption on Graphene Surface as an Anticancer Drug Sepideh Tanreh1, Abolghasem Shameli2*, Ebrahim Balali1 1Department of Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences Branch, Islamic Azad University,

Graphene impregnated electrospun nanofiber sensing

2020/8/10Hummer's method is a top-down approach to fabricate high-quality and scalable oxidized graphene sheets with different nanosized, good solution process-ability, oxygen content, and sheet layers [].GO is an excellent form of graphene [] having a simultaneous hydrophobic sp 2− and sp 3− bonded carbon and abundant carboxylic acid groups, epoxide and hydrophilic hydroxyl, especially on


2020/12/8For graphene sheets, we started optimizing graphene as a primitive cell first. The energy cutoff, k-mesh, and vacuum are 17 hartree, 8 8 1, and 20 bohrs, respectively. In a 4 4 graphene sheet, the energy cutoff and vacuum have the same value as the primitive cell, while k

Nanotechnology water remediation with bulky

2014/3/26Individual graphene sheets and their functionalized derivatives have been used to remove metal ions and organic pollutants from water. These graphene-based nanomaterials show quite high adsorption performance as adsorbents. However they also cause additional cost because the removal of these adsorbent materials after usage is difficult and there is the risk of secondary environmental


In this study, the adsorption performances of graphene before and after modification to H2S and CH4 molecules were studied using first principles with the density functional theory (DFT) method. The most stable adsorption configuration, the adsorption energy, the density of states, and the charge transfer are discussed to research the adsorption properties of intrinsic graphene (IG), Ni-doped

Preparation of graphene oxide/chitosan complex and its

Graphene oxide hydrosol was added dropwise to the surface of chitosan (CS) to successfully obtain graphene oxide/chitosan composite (GC). The composite material was characterized by scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction. The prepared adsorbent was used to simulate the static adsorption of copper, lead, and cadmium ions from 100 mL of 50 mg/L simulated wastewater

Microporous Spheres of Tiny Semiconducting Graphene Sheets

higher adsorption amount, and also that the material pos-sesses large enough pores, strong affinity to CO 2, and good recycling ability. Wendong Zhang et al.17 reported the self-assembly of (BiO) 2CO 3 nanoflakes on graphene and graphene oxide

Applications of Graphene Modified by Self

2019/9/13Functionalization of the surface with SAMs is useful for controlling the electronic properties of the graphene layer and improving adsorption, paving the way to develop commercial applications. In recent years, the interaction between SAMs with different chemical properties and graphene has been investigated by many research groups.

Application of functionalized graphene in Li–O2 batteries

2021/1/8Thus, low O 2 affinity of graphene surface can be modified by employing catalyst with strong adsorption for O 2 to balance the two reaction mechanisms. For the aforementioned CMF-G-Co/CoO cathode, strong O 2 and LiO 2 adsorption on CoO enabled a two-step Li 2 O 2 growth mechanism as shown figure 6 (a) [ 91 ].

Synthesis of graphene: Potential carbon precursors and

Zhao et al. [] synthesized graphene sheets, iron/graphene, and noble metals/graphene from disposable paper cups by graphitizing paper cup pulp in the presence of iron using an iron exchange process. During this process, few carbon atoms were incorporated into the iron phase to form a dense template of cementite, Fe 3 C, layers.

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